Additional Services

Services that a Subscriber may request for additional fees:

  • Creation and maintenance of Subscriber’s profile in the Platform
  • Custom advisory services on the use of the Platform, via webinar or in-person
  • Interactive Platform support during Nominating Committee meetings to unlock, in real time, the collective wisdom of the Committee with respect to candidates
  • Candidate Approach, Assessment and Recruitment
  • The design, development and custom programming of the Subscriber’s proprietary and confidential candidate processing system, with a direct link to the Platform, including automatic daily information updates, to support (a) the succession planning efforts of a Subscriber’s Nominating Committee and/or its Human Resources organization and (b) periodic candidate status update requirements.

Legacy retained executive search services including:

  • Board and CEO Services
  • Director and/or CEO Succession Planning
  • Competitor Benchmarking of the Board and/or Executive Team
  • Director and/or Executive search but with use of the Platform

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